In 2019, after analyzing many options to manage surface contact water, and because of the freshet timing constraint, we had to request an Emergency Amendment to our water license but it was our intent to go through the full and regular process this year to ensure proper consultations with community members.

An application has been submitted to the Nunavut Water Board on August 27 to amend the Meliadine water license. This application will look, among other things, to address the total dissolved solids (TDS) challenges that led to the CP1 Emergency Discharge, as well as changes to the approved project activities under Type A Water Licence 2AM MEL1631.

This includes:
• Increased total dissolved solids threshold in Meliadine Lake (3,500 mg/L)
• Option to divert CP1 water to the waterline to discharge into Melvin Bay instead of Meliadine Lake

Also, this application includes modifications that were part of the original Project Certificate for the continued operations of Meliadine, namely:
• Pre-development work related to Meliadine Expansion activities
• Increased freshwater consumption due to increasing mill throughput

We will be providing information as soon as possible on how community members can ask questions and share feedback as part of the Nunavut Water Board (NWB) application process.

With this application, extensive communications and consultations with community members will take place accordingly. You can access our planned calendar of consultation activities here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via this email address, or call us toll-free at 1-844-323-3002.

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What happens if not approved?

If the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) increase is not approved, we will experience the same situation as in spring 2020 emergency where water couldn’t be discharged from CP1 and more surface contact water (from rain and snow melt) will report to CP1 than the volume it can store.

If other project activities are not approved, Meliadine will lower its mine operation level. That will result in less benefits/taxes/royalties paid to Nunavut and Nunavut Organizations.

Agnico Eagle’s commitment

Agnico Eagle’s Meliadine mine is committed to protecting the aquatic environment of Meliadine Lake.  We closely monitor all discharges into the lake, and we work closely with the Nunavut Water Board to ensure that we meet the discharge limits permitted by Meliadine’s Water License.

Nunavut Water Board – Meliadine Water Licence Amendment Application Link